Wednesday, December 24, 2014

February's Art Energy Workshop!

I'm so excited about the Art Energy Workshop my friend Yohanna Jessup and I are putting together for Saturday February, 7th. Here is the flyer Yohanna designed for it. 

Come join us for an afternoon of creative abandon and ignite the New Year!!

About the workshop:
This is a workshop designed to bring out your innate relationship to the creative life waiting inside of you. It is about finding the thread back to a more deeply lived life through the process of wholeheartedly making things.

With an emphasis on exploration, we will look at what it means to combine meditative techniques with movement and art materials. See what it means to step out of stagnancy and back into your creative flow! You will come away with a renewed sense of the spontaneous possibilities of art making and how creativity can improve vitality in your daily life. 

About Susan:
Susan Clark develops images through an intuitive, playful process as she seeks to reflect deep experiences of life's creative flow and brilliance in her art, which has been exhibited in several recent art shows. She also loves to share this depth and inspiration with others when teaching her art classes. Susan helps people get in touch with their deepest creative nature as an IST practitioner and an entity clearer.

To find out more about Susan and her work go to her blog:

About Yohanna;
Yohanna Jessup is the creator of Painting Sacred Spaces – an intuitive process that combines wall painting techniques with meditative awareness. Yohanna painted her first wall at age 13 and went on to study art formally, earning her BFA from MICA. Yohanna is an IST practitioner, Entity Clearer and specializes in working with clients who want to take their work and life to the next level.

You can learn more at: or                   
Be sure and contact me at my email: with any questions or to register.                        

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