Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Come join us for the Body Creative in Portland, Saturday May 23rd!

Wow! I'm so looking forward to this next workshop! I will be running it at Aleksandra Townsend's Spiral Tree Yoga Studio at 570 Brighton Avenue, Portland. It will run from 12:00 to 4:00 pm. 

The prices are $40 for this 4 hour workshop. If you bring a friend it will be $75 for the two of you. 

Please contact either me at: seclark888@gmail.com or Aleksandra at aleksandra@spiraltreeyoga.com

Look forward to seeing you!!

Here'e the blurb about the workshop on my flyer: 

I am so excited about this workshop! It's designed for those wanting to tap into their own unique creativity, in whatever form that takes, artist and non-artist alike. The space of the workshop is about supporting the spirit of creativity in a safe, non-judgmental and very playful way.

You will learn to cultivate an absorbing involvement in the creative process, much like children do as they play. This will happen through an emphasis on exploration as we combine awareness techniques with full body movement and art materials. Engaging the body in this process can bring a level of vitality that feeds the creative process. As we continue to play and discover, you will see that these tools can be called back again and again as a way to reengage and step out of stagnancy and into your deeply affirming creative nature.

So this means it's going to be loads of playful fun with practices made for the creative. Like learning to listen deeply to yourself and others and then moving into expressive movement and art making in paired and single practices. We'll use paints and other art materials on huge pieces of paper with lots of exploring and dropping all cares about the end product!! This workshop is all about abandoning the usual ways we think and limit ourselves and seeing what arises from that. And that is creativity!!!

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