Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Body Creative is launched!

Wow - what fun we had for the launching of The Body Creative, Creating from Vitality in Portland Maine this past Saturday May 23rd! The workshop took place at Aleksandra Townsend's Spiral Tree Yoga Studio on Brighton Ave in Portland. Big thanks to Aleksandra for her generous and adventurous spirit in welcoming this workshop.

My dear friend Cayce Lannon was the force behind bringing this workshop to Portland. I'm so grateful we got to talking about my February workshop earlier this year. It came so naturally to bring it up Portland way.

Loads of thanks to Jalen and Jo and Cayce for bringing their adventurous spirit and enthusiasm!!!

Here is a quote from Jo:
"So much fun, very positive, both energizing and relaxing: freeing my creative spirit. :)

Below are some pics from the workshop as we got into our afternoon of child's play and breaking out of our silly worries about being creative. No worries there you will see!

Looking forward to more as new things keep emerging about these workshops and our creativity!

Cayce getting into it

Jo absorbed in her free form

Cayce's wildness
Jalen unleashed

Jalen and Jo as we start to collaborate

Jo and Susan's first collaboration - each so different and bringing it together.

Responding to each other

Jalen showing off our step into the "ugly"

Cayce getting into it

What is this?!!

And now starting fresh using the remnants from the "ugly"

What will  happen now?

A new collage

And another - a detail

Susan and Cayce proudly displaying the whole piece

Working on a new one
from this earlier piece of Jo's
It becomes this

The three of us energized and glowing
All together now with Aleksandra's tree in the background

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